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Monthly Subscription Coloring + Activity Tablecloth

These sturdy paper tablecloths will arrive monthly, ready to bring everyone around the table for hours of quality time together. Each month includes a recipe, a new tradition/activity, jokes, quotes, and of course, LOTS of coloring! The end has cutting lines for anyone to follow that makes the next pages for your SCRAPBOOK! When finished, use the included sleeves to display your fun times, get those pics out of your phone to fill the 18- 4in x 6in slots that are also included in your monthly mailing! Don't miss out on this time with your loved ones!

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Building Relationships

Getting back together in person takes some PRACTICE, post-pandemic. The rituals and routines that we all did in the daily do not "just happen" for everyone like they once did. After a two-year hiatus, learning how to become a community again takes time and effort and we really want to help out with that.

These teacher-created, large tablecloth posters are HUGE with of age appropriate activities for everyone! INVEST in TIME WELL-SPENT, reconnecting with those who count the most.

Let us do it in a way that is seamless as a big sheet of paper and a box of crayons. It really can be as simple as that. You bring the people, laughter and snacks.

Coloring + Activity Tablecloth Posters start at $15.99 and up including FREE SHIPPING. Custom designs are available. We can create for whatever occasion you have. Wholesale is available.

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